Tuesday, June 4, 2013

GalACSy 2013

Organised by Anglo-Chinese School Independent, the GalACSy competition aims to instil creativity and logical thinking within the participants, not only make them good astronomers, but exemplary scientists. Besides the MCQ round, participants are also required to build a structure to fit the required space travel requirements. Participating schools included ACSI, NUS High, RGS, CHIJ and SST.

The following students participated in the Astronomy quiz organised by ACSI and came back with the following results:

S1-02       YANG ZONG EN, WYNN

S3-02       Cowan Ho
S3-02       Kevin Tay
S3-03       Princeton Poh
S3-04       Kat Yong Jie
S3-08       Darshan s/o Dahjalarrajah
S3-09       Denzel Supriyadi
S3-09       Isaac Gan

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

8 Mar: Telescopes

Dear students,

Please search for the following in the internet and learn about them:

Friday, March 1, 2013


1 Mar: Application of Co-ordinate Systems

Identify stars using the RA and Declination system
- Go to Stellarium, identify 20 objects with their names, RA, declination.
- Email to your friend
- Ask your friend to identify the 20 objects by giving them only the RA and declination.
- For students going on the Desaru trip, please identify 20 objects that you want to see at Desaru
- Answer the following questions
           (a) What is RA ?
           (b) What is Declination ?

Magnitude Estimation
- Go to the following links:
- Learn about the meaning of apparent magnitude
- Tag the 20 objects that you want to see with the apparent magnitude value

Estimation of Angular Separation
- Identify 4 items in the lab that you like.
- Estimate the angular separation.
- Try this out with your friends.

- Telescopes arriving next Friday 

ADMIN (Astroquiz)

Who are going for the quiz?
 - You should have received my email.

What topics are covered for the quiz? 
 - You should have received the syllabus

What should you do now?
- Go to the Info Hub to borrow Astronomy Books.
- Checkout the syllabus coverage for the quiz
- Ms Lily Chua will bring the Sec 1s and COWAN to NYP 

ADMIN (Desaru trip)

- Collection of consent form and programme sheet (1 March 2013)
- Parents information night (8 March 2013, 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm)
- Payment of fees for the trip ($165.50, cheques to pay to School of Science and Technology, Singapore)
- Packing list
(a) Clothes for 3D2N - t-shirts. shorts etc
(b) Long pants/track pants and long sleeve shirts (to prevent mosquito bites)
(c) Towel
(d) Tooth brush / tooth paste / Soap etc
(e) Insect repellent (recommended: Johnson's Baby insect repellent)
(f) Torch light with red cellopane paper OR red LED torchlight
(g) Laptops
(h) Some money (RM 50 max: to buy water and titbits from petrol kiosks) 
- Students must also help to carry telescope equipment

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

15 Feb 2013: 8.1 Naked eye observations

Dear students,

Please answer the following questions by searching for answers:
1. How do you know which stars are up in the sky tonight?
2. How do you know that the weather is good for star gazing?
3. Why is the sky blue ?
4. Why is the sunset red?
5. Why is the morning sky colourful ?
6. How is the rainbow formed?
7. How is the double-rainbow formed?
8. Why are clouds sometimes bright and sometimes dark?
Please check that the answers are correct. HT