Friday, March 1, 2013

1 Mar: Application of Co-ordinate Systems

Identify stars using the RA and Declination system
- Go to Stellarium, identify 20 objects with their names, RA, declination.
- Email to your friend
- Ask your friend to identify the 20 objects by giving them only the RA and declination.
- For students going on the Desaru trip, please identify 20 objects that you want to see at Desaru
- Answer the following questions
           (a) What is RA ?
           (b) What is Declination ?

Magnitude Estimation
- Go to the following links:
- Learn about the meaning of apparent magnitude
- Tag the 20 objects that you want to see with the apparent magnitude value

Estimation of Angular Separation
- Identify 4 items in the lab that you like.
- Estimate the angular separation.
- Try this out with your friends.

- Telescopes arriving next Friday 

ADMIN (Astroquiz)

Who are going for the quiz?
 - You should have received my email.

What topics are covered for the quiz? 
 - You should have received the syllabus

What should you do now?
- Go to the Info Hub to borrow Astronomy Books.
- Checkout the syllabus coverage for the quiz
- Ms Lily Chua will bring the Sec 1s and COWAN to NYP 

ADMIN (Desaru trip)

- Collection of consent form and programme sheet (1 March 2013)
- Parents information night (8 March 2013, 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm)
- Payment of fees for the trip ($165.50, cheques to pay to School of Science and Technology, Singapore)
- Packing list
(a) Clothes for 3D2N - t-shirts. shorts etc
(b) Long pants/track pants and long sleeve shirts (to prevent mosquito bites)
(c) Towel
(d) Tooth brush / tooth paste / Soap etc
(e) Insect repellent (recommended: Johnson's Baby insect repellent)
(f) Torch light with red cellopane paper OR red LED torchlight
(g) Laptops
(h) Some money (RM 50 max: to buy water and titbits from petrol kiosks) 
- Students must also help to carry telescope equipment

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