Desaru Astro Field Trip 10-12 July 2015

SST students modelling the Mars (Red) and Earth (Blue) relative positions around the sun (Black).
12 Astronomy Club members, together with 3 teachers, embarked on a Learning Journey to Desaru from 10-12 July 2015. The programme is as follows:

10 July 2015 - Travelling from SST to Desaru Chalet D Punggai
                        Observation of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn using telescopes
                        Watching of video on Solar Flares
11 July 2015 - Modeling Instruction - Explain why venus was a cresent
                        Describe and Explain the Mars Retrograde motion
                        Observing the Sun using the solar scope
                        The Electromagnetic Spectrum
                        Watching Interstellar (part 1)
                        Measurement of distance using parallax method
                        Observation of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn using telescopes
                        The explanation of parallax method
                        Watching Interstellar (part 2)
12 July 2015 - Return to Singapore
Group photo before the trip back to Singapore.
SST students checking their computer software Stellarium to identify the stars and planets in the night sky. 
SST students modelling the Venus cresent using cotton balls.

SST students attempting to observe the Sun through our solarscope.  

The SST team at the chalet
Kang Zhe using the MEADE 102
Using the Meade 102 
Evening setup of telescopes
Watching Interstellar Movie
Using the Newtonian on a Dobsonian mount

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