Internet Resources

0. SST Astroclub website: 

0. Mr Tan Hoe Teck's documents folder: 
0. SFA Star Charts: 

1. International Olympics of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Syllabus for IOAA
2. Constellation Guide
3. Stellarium
4. Heavens-above
5. Astronomy Software
6. What are the days good for star gazing?
7. What is the weather today? (NEA)
8. Center for Remote Imaging Sensing and Processing (CRISP @ NUS)
9. What are the Met Weather Station data today?
10. Space Dot Com
11. NOVA 
12. NOVA - Earth Science
13. NOVA - Astronomy and Space Science

Amatuer Astronomy Programme

How to make a telescope? ===
Universe today  ===  
NASA Space Lab ===


Radiojove =
Inspire Project =
Quake Catcher Network = ;
NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program (NITARP) 

Remote Telescopes 
1. Use Stelleriaum to search for objects in the sky === 
2. Make requests on the Bradford Robotic Telescope  ===
3. Constellations
4. Hands on Universe

Star Gazing sites

1. 3D2N Astronomy Camp @ Punggai Desaru 2013
2. 4D3N Astronomy Conference @ Bintan 2013



The scale of the solar system 
Universities / Observatories 

MIT Haystack Observatory =
Lulin Observatory =
Kenting Observatory =
Graduate Institute of Astronomy NCU =
Graduate Institute of Space Science NCU =
Graduate Institute of Astrophysics NTU =
Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research NCU =
Kochi University of Technology =
Kochi Ozu High School =
UND ===

Equipment   =    =
Astro-bargains   =
Astro-scientific  =
Celestron         =
Meade            =
Takahashi       =
Vixen Optics    =


Sky and Telescopes ==
Astronomy       =
Astronomy Education Review   ===

Astronomy Clubs

Singastro Forums =
Science Center OBservatory - by Andrew =
Nanyang Astronomy Club ==

Introduction to Astronomy
Earth's motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought
Birth of the Moon
What is the use of the Moon?

Vendors  Astronomy Vision  Piayu Astro Camp   Astro-scientific   Staroptics   Astro Bargains    Infinity Focus (Lee Wee Keong)

Astronomy Groups
For other groups, refer to AstronomySG

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