3. Programmes

Weekly/monthly gatherings 
·      Friday 2:30 to 4:30 pm weekly (within SST)
·      Friday 4:30 to 9:00 pm monthly (outings) 

(a) Talks on Astronomy and Space Science topics, including invited speakers
(b) Video-screening of Astronomy / Space Science movies 
e.g. October Sky, The Dish, Interstellar 
(c) Hands-on training sessions on the use of telescopes / softwares / equipment
(a) NYP astroquiz
(b) Astronomy Olympiad 
(c) Astrigue Astroquiz 
(d) Galacsi Astroquiz 
(e) Astronomy Challenge 
(f) Cassini Essay Writing Competition

(a) Singapore Science Center telescope
(b) NUS Physics department teaching telescope
(c) Local star gazing community gatherings
(d) Star Gazing sites at Chalets 

Field Trips 
(a) March Holidays (to Malaysia) – 3D2N 
(b) June Holidays (to Indonesia) – 4D3N
(c) Nov Holidays (to Taiwan) – 10D9N 
which are opened to SST astronomy club students.

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