1. Club Identity

2.    Club Identity (Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Logo, Motto)
Our identity is not distinguished from SST, as we are a part of SST. Hence, the club will follow the same Vision, Mission, Values and Goals of the school. Besides that, the club will aim to implement the following facets of SST learning:
(a) Applied Learning
(b) ICT skills
(c) 21st century skills
(d) Research skills

Our proposed club logo is as follows:

(a) The black background represents the Dark Skies, which astronomy is often associated with. Dark Skies represents a good astronomy outing.

(b) The honeycomb constellation represents School of Science and Technology Singapore. 
There are 13 stars in the constellation, representing the year SST astroclub was formed: 2013.

(c) Our proposed club motto is “See the Big Picture”. The pun is intended as this statement not only place emphasis on Astronomical skills and knowledge, but also on the Social and Emotional development of students.

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