2. Aims

1. Providing Opportunities for Holistic Education 
1.1    To enable pupils to cultivate a healthy and life-long sense of balance in life.
1.2    To expose students with different experiences from the curriculum and encourage the exploration of diverse interest 
1.3    To provide opportunities for pupils to socialise and develop the areas they display interest and/or talent. 

2. Character Building 
2.1 To provide opportunities for pupils' character and leadership development.
2.2 To promote pupils' acquisition and application of social and personal skills.
2.3 To instill in pupils the values of discipline, teamwork, responsibility and commitment. 

3. Promoting Social Integration and Team work 
3.1 To provide opportunities and avenues for pupils from different social and racial backgrounds to cooperate and integrate in their strive towards a common goal. 
3.2 To enrich pupils in their social experiences through CCAs and achieve a better understanding of the diversified spectrum of society. 

As a Science and Technology Institute, there should be CCAs that can provide learning and enjoyment of Science for our students. As astronomy can provide the interest in science and technology, we propose that this CCA should be implemented in 2013. Astronomy and Space Science is a good opportunity to introduce students to the Applied Learning field of Science and Technology. The areas of coverage includes:
(a) ASTRONOMY (Astrophysics, Astrochemistry, Astrobiology)

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